Vision, mission and values


We are a global strategic partner providing secure identity management solutions.


Partners in creating identity.

CETIS creates an identity together with its partners and providers. With the help of the CETIS company, the identities of countries and individuals take shape.


We are distinguished by trust, partnership, innovation, responsibility and professionalism.

We believe in TRUST
Trust is built on long-term partner relationships, reliability, cooperation and mutual respect. Companies and governments have trusted us for generations.

We believe in PARTNERSHIP
We pay particular attention to the maintenance of excellent interpersonal relationships between employees, we focus on the needs and requirements of our customers, shareholders, suppliers and all other stakeholders. Our motto is ‘business challenges and customer needs’; these are monitored and provided comprehensive support - from the initial idea to the ultimate realisation of a business. We take care and great pride in the transfer of knowledge, best practices and well-learnt lessons, while constantly striving to provide the best, most appropriate solutions.

We believe in INNOVATION
We encourage the visionary thinking of our employees in all areas of the company, which is reflected in the innovative and creative search for solutions. We create added value and strive for excellent solutions in development, production and technological processes and for useful innovations in sales, human resources and marketing approaches.

We are committed to act responsibly toward our customers, employees, labour, shareholders, suppliers and to the safety of the natural and social environment.

We keep the promises we make, fulfil mutual agreements and follow through on the objective that is being pursued. Business ethics and commitment to quality commit us to carry out our work with quality, efficiently and quickly. With a thorough knowledge of customer needs, trends and quick response times, we are able to swiftly adapt and provide customers with tailor-made solutions, thereby fully satisfying their expectations.


CETIS acceded to the Code of Ethics of the MSIN Group, of which CETIS is a part. It contains a summary of the desired conduct of all employees. With the Code of Ethics, we commit ourselves to act professionally and adeptly in our line of work, and to evaluate our conduct and the conduct of others according to high ethical standards.